AdminUpdate: Mutual of Omaha Makes it Easy to “Super Size” Your Next Case

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AdminUpdate: Mutual of Omaha Makes it Easy to “Super Size” Your Next Case

How easy is it to “super size” your next Term Life Answers case with Mutual of Omaha? If the applied for face amount is under $1MM, their new Upsell Program can make it happen with nothing more than a policy reissue. To find out all about it, read on!

Mutual of Omaha’s Upsell Program allows qualifying insureds to acquire up to $1MM of coverage, even if they initially applied for less. Each eligible policy will come with the rates for multiple face amounts and the instructions to initiate the the new policy at the higher face amount. With a process this easy the case can quickly grow from a small commission to something much larger.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Term Life Answers cases only
  • Primary Insured insurance age 18 – 55
  • Initial application for less than $1MM
  • Approval at Standard or better underwriting class
  • Both Non-tobacco and Tobacco classes are eligible
  • Maximum Upsell amount is $1MM in total coverage
  • The case-specific Upsell amount will be based on client’s documented insurance need based on Mutual of Omaha’s normal financial underwriting criteria.