Persistency and Lifetime Level Premiums Translate into Sales

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May 18, 2017
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June 20, 2017
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Persistency and Lifetime Level Premiums Translate into Sales

Case Success: Persistency and Lifetime Level Premiums Translate into Sales for an AIN Member and OneAmerica

We’ve all seen the statistics about families who know they are underinsured, but for any number of reasons haven’t taken steps to remedy the situation. This all too common dynamic creates a huge opportunity for the producer who is willing to take it on. One AIN Member Firm has gone “all-in” on helping families address the need for Long-Term Care planning through the use of old-fashioned door knocking and one specific product: OneAmerica’s Asset Care IV.

A majority of the families approached know they are unprepared for a major health event, but don’t have the ability to reposition a large lump sum to pay for it. However, they have ample room in their budgets for a monthly EFT. 


Product: OneAmerica Asset-Care IV
Premium: $458 Monthly Premium


  • A 61-year-old single male who is concerned with burdening his children in the event he needs LTC.
  • Based on the cost of care in his area, he was seeking $3000 in initial monthly benefit, with 3% inflation.
  • Comfortable with a monthly premium approximately $450. Most producers would walk away from this challenge!


  • OneAmerica’s Asset Care IV with lifetime benefits and 3% compound inflation


  • $75,662 death benefit
  • $3,000 initial monthly; $4,400 at age 75
  • Benefits will last his lifetime
  • Monthly premiums of $458
  • Peace of mind for a client who does not want to be a burden to his family
  • A first-year commission of $3,052 plus a nice renewal for the producer!