Washington State – The Long-Term Care Trust Act

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WA LTC Trust Act

The passage of The Long-Term Care Trust Act, effective January 1, 2022, makes Washington the first state in the nation to create a publicly funded insurance program that will provide working residents of Washington an opportunity to vest into a basic level of LTC benefits. The program will be funded by Washington workers who will pay premium assessments (a tax) through payroll deductions. There is also a window of opportunity for residents who own “long-term care insurance” to apply for an exemption from the premium tax. As of this writing, it is currently unclear whether the insurance policy must have been in-force by the effective date of the legislation - July 28, 2019 - or whether a date as late as December 2022 will be applied.
  • Beginning January 1, 2022 each W-2 employee will pay a premium tax through payroll deduction.
  • An initial premium rate will be 0.58% of the individual’s wages (or $0.58 for each $100 earned).
  • Wages will be taxed without limitation or capped amount.
  • There is an option for self-employed individuals to elect coverage and be part of the program.
  • If qualified to be exempted from the payroll tax, the resident must apply during the short timeframe spanning from October 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022.
  • Benefits for approved services will become available starting on January 1, 2025.
  • Maximum lifetime benefits are $36,500 per person (adjusted annually) for vested individuals.
  • An “eligible beneficiary” of the program is a qualified individual who: is age 18 years or older, o was not disabled before the age of 18, o meets the requirement for assistance with ADLs, and o has not exhausted their lifetime benefits.
  • Benefits will not be available to individuals who: o have already permanently retired, thus are unable to vest into the program, o are not residing in Washington state when qualified to receive benefits - even if vested in the program.


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Course NameCourse NumberTraining FirmCourse Credits
WA LTC Initial 8 Hour Course618989RegEd8
WA LTC Refresher 4 Hour Course618770RegEd4
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We have modeled the following income levels at a tax rate of .58 per $100. for various age brackets for Male/Female (age 35-50 in 5 yr increments)
35 Female 250k - 1M Income40 Female 250k - 1M Income45 Female 250k - 1M Income50 Female 250k - 1M Income
35 Male 250k - 1M Income40 Male 250k - 1M Income45 Male 250k - 1M Income50 Male 250k - 1M Income
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