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Disability Income

Preferred Disability Income Partner

M. Williamson Insurance Services has partnered with Truluma to provide DI solutions, a national leader in the disability income brokerage arena. We serve advisors in all 50 states, while continuing to earn annual recognition as an industry leader and preferred partner status with our carriers.

Our Experts



Jeff Peterson, CLU

As a Million Dollar Roundtable producer and Disability Income Specialist, Jeff has an advisor-first focus. Jeff has spoken at numerous NAIFA, FPA and International DI Society events across the country, but spends the majority of his time managing carrier relations.



Shalanée Joyner

Shalanée is an Internal Sales Consultant. She was born and raised in Seattle but spent time in school in California and Arizona. Upon settling back in the Seattle area, she has worked in consulting and customer service.

Disability Case Study For A Risky Occupation


A Northwestern agent out of New York was working with a client who was a Lineman for PSEG. The client was looking to purchase Disability insurance to cover his $200k annual income. Northwestern would not approve the client due to his occupation. Northwestern felt that there was to much risk involved with his daily job duties and did not want to take it on.


The agent reached out to our team to explain the situation and asked for solutions. With some basic information about the client, we brought the case to one of M. Williamson’s in-house DI specialists. The specialist contacted each of our carriers to find a carrier willing to take on the risk.


After reaching out to each of our core carriers, our DI specialist presented us with two offers with her recommendation of which carrier she thought would be the best fit. Assurity showed the best in this situation. We were able to get the client approved for a 60-month total DI monthly benefit of $8,000 and a partial DI monthly benefit of $4,000. The client was thrilled that a company was willing to approve him since he had a more risky occupation. He accepted the offer and the case is now inforce.

Disability Income

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