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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Is At Our Core

M Williamson Insurance Services is a nationally recognized wholesale firm with more than 25 years of experience and contracts with 40+ carriers in the Life, DI, Annuity, and LTC markets. In order to best serve your clients, we provide access to all major carriers and products available within the market. Our relationships, experience, and technology ensure you have access to the latest products and the right solution for you client every time. 

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Mark B. Williamson

Mark Williamson is a highly accomplished, results-driven insurance executive with more than 25 years industry experience and was the recipient of the University of South Florida Fast 56 Award and a recent winner of the President’s Cabinet from Security Mutual Life. 

Life Insurance Case Study Saving $6800 Annually


A Northwestern advisor has a client who applied for $1.5M of 20-year term. The client is a 5′ 8″ 250 pound, 41 year-old male who uses chewing tobacco. Northwestern Mutual classifies any tobacco usage for a smoker rating. The Annual premium for this situation at NWM is $8756.00. The clients income is around $100k. The client wants the coverage but cannot afford to spend almost 10% of his salary to make this purchase.


M. Williamson Insurance Services offers four carriers that will write clients that chew tobacco as NON SMOKER! As long as the client admits nicotine use on the application, he can qualify for a standard non-tobacco rating. The only concern here is that the client has an overweight BMI. After checking each of the four carrier’s build charts, we found that Lincoln financial will offer him standard at a BMI of 38, so he fits both the BMI and tobacco status criteria to qualify for standard.


The client applied for $1.5M of 20-year term with Lincoln Financial at a standard non-tobacco rating and was approved. The annual premium for this client is $1949.46, saving a whopping $6806.54 annually. The client was thrilled and the agent was able to place the case at this price point. It was a win win. The client was able to obtain the coverage he desired and the agent was able to place the case.

Life Insurance

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