Impaired Risk

How many impaired risk cases do you get per year?

They are not easy to place, and most companies handle them like any other case. That is a waste of your time. Our specialty is in impaired risk underwriting. Others claim to be impaired risk underwriters, but look below at the process we follow. It is clearly different from our competitors.

Our impaired risk process:

1. Internal review of APS
2. RN review
3. Case summarized
4. Benchmark case from a competitive standpoint
5. Informally shop to top 3 appropriate carriers

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A broker brought us a case, at a table 2, which was a $3.5 million key man policy.

He had a PFO which caused a stroke at the age of 42. We informally underwrote the case, in house, and we were able to place a preferred best policy with ING, saving the client $7,000.

How were we able to do that?

We have access to both Swiss-Re and Gen-Re manuals. We know when to use the appropriate manual and submit to the right companies. We have a great underwriting staff that includes 4 full-time underwriters. We benchmark and cannot be beat.
*This is not an all-inclusive list and is meant only to be used as a general guide. Only a formal underwriting review can determine a client's insurability.