Annuity Funding Whole Life  – Use IRA Dollars to Fund Asset Care

Use IRA Dollars to Fund Asset Care with a 5% Income Base Bonus. Asset Care Annuity Funding Whole Life is a deferred fixed-interest annuity with an income rider. The income rider allows the annuity to fund the underlying whole life policy over 10 years.

Did you know that when you transfer a portion of your clients qualified money into this funding option, they receive a bonus applied to their income base of up to 25%? This bonus provides extra value for your clients, and you can help make sure their protection lasts as long as they need it with the Lifetime Continuation of Benefits option.

• Qualified Funds are transferred to OneAmerica (begins as deferred interest annuity in which we turn on an income rider day one)

• We’ll tack on a nice 25% bonus to the income base!

• A distribution will leave the annuity over 10 years. This distribution is where the 25% bonus is reflected on the illustration.

• Premiums (from the annuity) pay for both Asset Care base and Continuation of Benefits (COB) rider meaning no annual premiums

• Client receives a 1099 on this amount each year (10 years)

• Waiver of premium for LTC claim is built in – even if only one spouse is on claim

• All claim payments for LTC are Tax FREE – starting day one (because benefits are only used from the Life policy and then the COB rider and NOT the annuity.)

• Distributions via Income Rider (paying the Life policy and rider) count towards client’s RMD calculation once they reach age 73


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